Trains Lisbon

From Lisbon to Setúbal and Vice Versa


Fertagus is the train company that connects Setúbal to Lisbon – Campolide, Sete Rios, Entrecampos, Roma / Arreeiro


Weekdays, Lisbon to Setúbal

Weekdays Setúbal to Lisbon

Weekends and Holidays Lisbon to Setúbal

Weekend and Holidays Setúbal to Lisbon

Bicycles are transported free of charge… 

Put your bike in one of the two reserved compartments. Stickers on the door show you which ones they are. Normally the first but one and the last but one…

Tickets typically cost 50 Euro cents once for a rechargeable ticket + the price of the trip(s).

If you go to the same place over and over you can buy that trajectory for 1 to 10 times.

Indicate your destiny at the vending machine, then check-in before entering the train.

If you don’t have a fixed destiny, you will have to use the vending machine every time again to state your destiny and then check-in before entering the train. (2 actions needed in this case on different locations)


CP (Comboio Português) runs Trains from Lisbon (Cais do Sodre)  to Cascais

Check the timetable and prices here…


Cais do Sodre station:

Cais de Sodre Riverside view


Use your Lisboa Viva Card, charged with “Zapping” to check-in.


Or buy one at the CP vending machines for 0,50 €


There’s a slow version of the train (todos) and a kind of Intercity (srap)



CP (Comboio Português) runs Trains from Lisbon (Rossio or Oriente)  to Sintra

Check the timetable and prices here…

Stations in Lisbon from Rossio:

Rossio – Campolide – Benfica

Stations in Lisbon from Oriente:

Oriente – Braco de Prata – Roma/Areeiro – Entrecampos – Sete Rios – Benfica

Coming back from Sintra you have to pay attention:

There’s one train going to Rossio via Benfica and Campolide.

and one going to Oriente via Sete-Rios – Entrecampos- Roma.

If you get on the wrong train: get off at Benfica and change trains.




Rossio Train Station at night: Can you read what’s written in the arcs?



Sintra train station outside

Sintra train station inside