The Metro of Lisbon

Picoas, one of the finest entrances, not just because of the abundant green next to it…


Most Metro entrances will look something like this


In the twilight after a stroll along the river and in Baixa-Chiado you might see this one.

The beauty of the Metro Stations of Lisbon is hidden in plain sight. But only for those who have eyes to see and the personality traits of one of Portuguese most famous heroes of the past: Vasco Da Gama to explore unknown territory; to take the extra step; to move out of your comfort zone and go into uncharted territory. The interior design features lots of tiles; the hallmark of the city steeped in history and sometimes the practicality of comfort and maintenance of buildings in hot climates.


Some common sense tips when using the metro:

Most people who use the metro live in or near the city; they commute, go to the shopping areas or visit friends. Make sure that they are happy with the tourists visiting their place of residence. Give space to the busy people who are in a hurry to get to their job or home. By preference do your touring outside of the rush hours (8 to 10am and 5 to 8 pm). People will have more time and space for you that way. The Lisboetans are very friendly by nature; the current influx of mass-tourism is putting some stress on their capacity to maintain a peaceful and welcoming atmosphere. Please be considered when using “their” public transport system.


The Metro of Lisbon is one of the cities’s hidden gems.

Here’s the map of it…

Here’s the map overlaid on the map of Lisbon.

Fare Info. Fair enough I think…

A list of existing and planned stations.

Here’s a small sample of the delightful imagery you will encounter…


Lissabonner Metro - Zeichnungen auf Azulejo-Kacheln in den Stationen
Lissabonner Metro - Zeichnungen auf Azulejo-Kacheln in den Stationen