House Rentals

Tips and Tricks for House Rentals.


Long term House Rentals in Portugal are offered in one of three different conditions:

  • Fully furnished
  • unfurnished with functioning kitchen and bathroom
  • empty, no fridge, stove, water heater etc…

Be aware of your needs, since going after a water boiler or fridge on your first days may prove to be a tedious job.

Other amenities will be mentioned separately, like Air-co, Swimming pool, elevator, parking space. Many times owners will ask for 3 months in advance, or 2 months in advance and a person of confidence (backer, Guarantor).

Phone calls work best, though some persistence is required in most cases.

Do not assume that your contact is fluent in English on picking up the phone; allow them some time to adjust and all will go well. Emails or messages on portals on average get little attention from June to September at least.


Most short term rentals include Free WI-Fi nowadays.

Airbnb is the most common, Homestay and Wimdu are smaller alternatives.

When staying longer a check-up of the house to see how it facilitates healthy living is advisable. Price for a check-up can be found here.

The more touristy pictures give you a helicopter view of the city. 

The view from the trains going to the South (in operation since 1999) is fabulous. The train track was build under the car track. Do sit in the upper part of the train for the best view… A day-trip from Lisbon to Setúbal with Fertagus will quench your thirst for adventure, amazing views and high altitudes.





Lisbon has gained a reputation for it’s building wide graffiti over the last few years.

Some buildings are more than ready to receive your inspired vision provided you are a handyman with a few bucks to spent.


The areas in these pictures have a slightly higher monthly rent than the places on the outskirts or on the other side of the river (known as Margem Sul).




Most common websites for house rentals searching in Portuguese:

In general, cheaper options first…


custojusto Portuguese only

imovirtual in English and Portuguese. (basically the same as Imovirtual, a bit wider in choice but only in Portuguese)

idealista (In English, Portuguese, French, German, Spanish)

(basically the same as, a bit narrower in choice, there are some rumours around trustworthiness. )

Mitula A mixed portal of Sapo, Idealista and others

Rooms only:


More expensive House Rentals in general can be found here:

Casa Sapo

Real estate Agents:



Century 21

Sotheby’s; For those beyond the worries of Zé Ninguém.

Portugal Property


Other websites with general info on how to rent a house…


Jafez malas?

O que preciso para alugar apartamento em Portugal?

Seja alugando direto com o proprietário ou através de alguma imobiliária, você vai sempre precisar de:

  • Documento de identificação
  • Um contrato de trabalho, ou provar meios de subsistência
  • NIF (número do contribuinte) – equivalente ao CPF do Brasil.
  • Dois aluguéis de adiantamento, sendo que um é o primeiro aluguel e o outro é o último aluguel que fica de garantia
  • Na maior parte das vezes pedem um fiador, que pode ser substituído por mais um aluguel de adiantamento

O valor do aluguel varia de acordo com a quantidade de dormitórios, localização, mobilia e estado do imóvel.