Buses Lisbon

 Buses that take you around Lisbon and beyond

Carris is the main bus company inside of Lisbon. (going up to Algés in the West)

They operate buses, trams and hill-trams within the city limits of Lisbon.




Buses that take you around Lisbon and beyond are a good alternative to Trains and Taxis.

Generally air-conditioned and punctual they offer a budget solution whilst mingling with the locals creates added value.

Buses that allow bicycles can be found here by tagging bike-bus in the left menu.

A route planner is here. In daily practise the route planner seems a bit reluctant to give good results.

Fares and tickets here.

Daytime routes here… or general routes here



Greater Lisbon in the direction and beyond Mafra (Up to Torres Vedras and Ericeira)
is served by Mafrense.

Buses typically leave from Campo Grande. (Near the Metro, 100 meters North of the ring (Segunda Circular).

It allows visiting the surfers paradise in Ericeira or the fully naturally conditioned library inside the national palace of Mafra, unique in it’s grandeur and beauty.

Prices here (PDF in Portuguese).

Route plan here.


Transportes Sul do Tejo

Greater Lisbon to the South (across the river) is served by TST (Transportes Sul do Tejo)

Beaches of Costa Da Caparica, Fonte da Telha, Meco with it’s naturists beach and Setúbal are all within reach. From Setúbal a ferry can take you to Troia where dolphins are regularly spotted.

Rede expressos, for long distance buses that typically leave from Lisbon- Sete Rios and many other places.

Fairly cheap, great comfort, a good alternative to trains; normally stops in the village or city centres.

Buying your tickets a few days in advance online gives quite a good discount on the already competitive prices.

Normally WI-Fi, USb charging or charging your mobile / laptop, and toilet use are included in the fare.