Boats to cross the river Tagus

The boat from Cais de Sodre to Cacilhas

The many options to cross the river to serve the needs of the daily commute is a great opportunity for tourists to combine a pleasant day out in non-touristic areas that normally remain hidden and spent some time on the river breathing fresh air and enjoying the different view on Lisbon that only boats can supply.

Boats to cross the river Tagus…


from Cais de Sodre…


…and Terreiro de Paço.


Tickets can be paid with Lisboa Viva Zapping cards and both terminals have Metro also.

Destinations  are:

  • Cacilhas (Almada, with access to the Christo Rei statue by foot or bus)
  • Seixal (Nice little town along a bay)
  • Barreiro
  • Montijo


These boats are for pedestrians and bicycles only and mainly used for commuting.


There are also boats to cross the river Tagus from Belém to Porto Brandão and then Trafaria.


This one takes cars and motors as well and is a must see for tourists…

The boat supplies closed off pedestrian areas but a large open deck as well, to get the full experience of being “out in the open”. The staff is used to English speaking tourists and appreciated a light chat on their daily job.

Take a train or the E15 tram from Cais de Sodre or walk along the river to enjoy the scenery.

The first stop is Porto Brandão, staying on the boat you automatically end up in Trafaria; a fisher man’s village with a bus to the lush beaches of Costa Di Caparica.

You can visit Costa Da Caparica by walking along the beach provided your legs support the exercise. It’s a mere 5 km and with regular buses going back to Lisbon or Trafaria the need for walking back doesn’t exist.

Trafaria is worth a visit to browse the village centre and have a relaxed hour in one of the many bars or restaurants with outdoor seating.

Costa da Caparica is a beach sought after by many students from Lisbon due to it’s easy and cheap access by bus. Somehow crossing the river instantly creates a holiday energy and relaxed atmosphere, away from the hustle and bustle of the big city and yet only 20 minutes away from it.

Some links to help you plan your trip:

Time table for Belém.

Webpage with all the time tables. (In Portuguese)

Time table for all boats in PDF

Price list.


Dias Úteis  = Working days. Sábados = Saturdays.

Domingos e feriados = Sundays and Holidays.