Steps to recovery

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Steps to recovery:

There seems to be a good number of different areas that need to be addressed to get a clear picture of why this person at this moment in time develops EHS. Contact with a professional health care practitioner is essential to get to the core of any or some of the next issues. Spin Inversion seems to happen quite a lot to people affected by EHS. After a spin inversion (which implies that the electrons in your body start spinning in the opposite direction) therapies don’t have effect. To have success in treatment a possible spin inversion needs to be addressed first. Magnetic fields both man-made and natural occurring are at the basis of Spin Inversion.

What causes EHS?
  • Unresolved trauma or emotional issues whether from this life or past lives.
  • Daily exposure to triggers such as EMF, mold, polluted air etc.
  • Food and drink habits, including lack of minerals
  • Personality structure and deep rooted patterns
  • Heavy metal poisoning and metal implants
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Lack of Grounding or Earthing
  • Karma
  • Social setting
  • Geopathic stress
  • Spin Inversion
– What would be the first step?

First of all the issues at hand need to be inventoried and prioritized. Did the EHS develop slowly over time or is there a clearly marked starting point? Maybe the symptoms got worse 2 weeks ago. What happened? Did you move to a different house? Did you have an appointment with the dentist? Did you get implants or serious dental work including Amalgam? Did you divorce, loose someone dear or changed your workspace? Were the trees in front of your house cut? Did you or one of your neighbors buy and install a new wireless device or cordless phone? Did you buy a water bed or electrical adjustable mattress? Serious repairs to the plumbing, gas pipes or electrical system?

Knowing when things started can be a clear sign of the first thing that needs to be addressed.

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The easiest step is to have a checkup of the house by a specialist.

– What’s next?

An integral approach with help from a therapist who knows all fields involved would be best, but may be hard to find. Ken Wilber has done a great job in bringing Eastern age old practices and Western Analytical approaches together in “A Theory of Everything” and other books and articles like Integral Life Practice.  Finding or creating a group of people with the same desire for quality of life will help a lot.

Peter E. Levine has worked with many traumatized people. If the trigger was emotional or traumatic this would make sense. Limbic system retraining offers options to resolve the stuck patterns as well.

As for food and supplements. If you recognize yourself in EHS symptoms, you are most likely not taking full advantage of the food you are eating or the supplements you take. The Gerson therapy has proven to be very effective in restoring strength to people with various “weaknesses”. It probably is quite a change in food habits to follow it completely, but even with small adjustments a lot of good can be done. Juicing, Vegetarian Cooking and Raw Food all have their followers. Ayurveda and Macrobiotic have time proven methods to restore and retain physical balance on the basis of locality and fairly simple check-ups.  The Mystic Cookbook by Denise Linn & Meadow Linn gives great advice on how to turn every meal into a soul-nurturing, mouth watering experience. Food and Soul gives a choice of fairly simple and tested recipes both from the Indian Cuisine and more Western oriented choices. Do the Neuro Transmitter Test and visit an Ortho-molecular therapist to have a check on what minerals could help you stabilize again.

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