Root cause

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What is the root cause?

Here’s a short line from Wikipedia

According to Buddhism, even physical health is linked to mental states. Thus the real threats to our well-being are attachment, anger, and ignorance—the three fundamental deluded minds that lead to all other afflictions, both mental and physical. Only with thorough understanding of the mind and its functions can we hope to transcend the disturbing thoughts and emotions that plague us.

Feel free to replace the above with your favorite religious or otherwise inspirational text and skip to “Taking responsibility”.

The root cause of any dis-ease is a lack of sufficient vital energy and wisdom to keep the body, relationships, finances and housing healthy and safe. Remember when you last went to the fridge, took something, ate it and later on wondered why?  To increase our vital energy we need to do meditation or prayer or practice mindfulness so that our inner strength and clarity increases. Over time this practice will give insights into our shadow sides, outdated patterns and habits and give enough strength or power to actually change those habits.

The weakness (of the soul) involves no guilt; as we live we use vital energy. There’s nothing wrong with that but it becomes an issue when we cannot support healthy relationships or good physical health anymore. It is common referred to as low self-esteem, “the dark night of the soul”, victimitis, ego, laziness, tiredness, anger and the likes. Blaming or pointing at others (Government, equipment, modern day society, the neighbors)  for our situation is common practice but not very successful in resolving our problems. Blaming in a sense is a lack of self-confidence and self-esteem. A “yes, we can” attitude  is a good start.

Taking responsibility for my situation is essential in healing from EHS.

For many people it probably is a wake-up call, pretty much like any disease is a sign that something needs attention. The growing number of people with all sorts of ill-conceived or defined symptoms is a wake-up call to society. Where have we taken a wrong curve? Technology is a wonderful tool in the hands of wise people. Question is if we should build everything that is technically possible. Ethical aspects and a really long term vision are needed to decide what to put into production and on the market and what to wait with or even discard as “short term benefit, long term harm”. But politics or decisions on that level are out of reach for most of us and thus can create a feeling of powerlessness or hopelessness.

My own circumstances, behavior and feelings are within my power to change though. Tips and tools can be found on the resources page.

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