First Things

Here’s a list of simple changes that can make a world of difference and don’t include any measuring or costs.


  1. Switch off all things wireless and cordless in the house or apartment during the time that you are asleep.
    1. Unplug the base of cordless phones
    2. Switch off the wireless part of routers etc.
    3. Switch off any computers with wireless connection
  2. Unplug any electrical device, alarm clock, lamp or extension cord within 1 meter of the bed
  3. as an option: flip the breaker switches in the main switchboard that supply power to your bedroom
  4. Move the bed 50cm away from any wall with outlets or light switches
  5. Consider sleeping head South or East
  6. Stop watching TV or Internet at least half an hour before going to sleep
  7. De-clutter the bedroom.
  8. Make it a a place for restoring / rejuvenating. Treat it with religious respect.