Recovery Plan

What can we do to recover from EHS and to increase vitality?


There’s a number of steps to consider, some of which should be repeated a few times to make sure that health is not just restored but also maintained.

First of all, check the “first things” page to eliminate any preventable causes.

Wait for a week and then go on with the following list.


  1. Take Inventory (in Homeopathy known as “case taking”)
  2. Check and Measure the house and office
  3. Implement the changes suggested by the measurements
  4. Check for Spin Inversion
  5. Get treatment for Spin Inversion
  6. Take the Neuro transmitter test
  7. Discuss the test with an ortho molecular therapist
  8. Start using the suggested supplements
  9. Repeat steps 2 to 6 every half year for 2 years, then once a year
  1. Start a heavy metal detox and / or general detox program
  2. Go to a dentist to have a general check and check on Amalgam fillings and have them removed.
  3. Check for Candida
  4. Repeat once a year

pick yourself up

  1. Join a group that gives you happiness and enthusiasm
  2. Do some form of service to others or the community
  3. Make a plan for physical activities
  4. Start the physical activities
  5. Ask someone close to help you stick to your plans
  6. Evaluate and adjust the physical activities plan 2 to 4 times a year
    1. Check if you walk and work grounded
    2. Ground yourself as much as possible
    3. Ground as much of the equipment as you can
    4. Check if your clothes are conducive to (static) electricity
    5. Exchange all non-conducive or synthetic cloths
    6. Check your grounding twice a year
  1. Revise your food habits
  2. Start or restart Juicing
  3. Make a plan to gradually improve on your food habits
  4. Check your progress every three months and adjust where needed
  1. Check with a therapist or homeopath for (past life) trauma or emotional issues
  2. Do the treatment
  3. Repeat twice the first year, then once a year or as indicated