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Here’s the story of a friend from the Tampa, Florida area.

The images are her artwork and copyright.

UnfurlIn May of 2013, I moved into a new abode, a garage apartment. It seemed like as soon as I moved in, my health spiraled down. I was getting joint pains, insomnia, and mood swings. I had blood work done for autoimmune disorders and nothing showed up. My body was burning at night and I felt like I had 8 cups of coffee running through my veins.

A friend came in town and asked how I was enjoying my new digs and I told her though the apartment was cute, my health had been awful. She then asked me where my smart meter was. She came over to my house and it was located 3 feet below my bed on the outside of my bedroom wall. The smart meter pulses radiation 24/7. I was also sleeping with my cell phone next to my bed and my wireless alarm in my bedroom. She then told me how her mother had developed an electrical sensitivity which they feel was connected to the wall of ten smart meters on the side of her mother’s home.

So I started to observe the onset and disappearance of my symptoms. I was getting joint pains after working on the computer, my hands burned when holding my cell phone and at night I was waking up with neuropathy symptoms. I called the engineer at Teco and shared my symptoms and insisted they remove my smart meter. Fortunately, the engineer there was a very kind man who came and replaced my meter with a non- transmitting one. The difference in the burning sensations was huge. I began sleeping much better.














I dove into google and began swimming. I ordered many pendants and gimmicks that didn’t work and finally found an amazing website called I learned simple techniques to reduce exposure by putting my phone in airplane mode when not in use. I turned off my internet when I wasn’t using it and cut down the time I spent online. I did a lot of grounding, walking barefoot on the earth and snuggling with trees. This brought a deep calm and relief. The two of those, reducing exposure and grounding, were huge for me.

I tried to make the most of the simplicity this brought into my life and spent more time painting , cooking, meditating and birdwatching.

But the sensitivity was still pretty severe. I could feel prickling sensations near cell towers and couldn’t be around people with cell phones because within an hour, my joints were aching, I felt moody and my heart was racing. I soon learned that behavioral changes were part of the deal. That explained why I felt like I had emotional wonkiness around wifi. I could only regain some semblance of peace when and mental calm when at home .

I also learned that treating the electrical sensitivity is a holistic thing. I have been treating the body for systemic candida which my acupuncturist feels is taxing the nervous system. I’ve been eating lots of greens, nuts, taking a tbsp. of diatomaceous earth in water daily (Godsend), drinking fresh kale juice with lemon and eliminating sugar. I’ve been doing sun salutations, breathing more deeply and trying to get the body back to full strength.

I’m also working on a spiritual level using some of the Abraham Hicks techniques. Each morning I affirm, “I am free from electrical sensitivity, feeling fantastic, full of vitality, light, power and wellbeing. I am beyond physical influence.” I think pure positive thoughts are as essential as the other elements. The journey continues but I am healing. I was even able to travel by plane (which had wifi) without tipping over the edge. I actually felt sort of normal. Woohoo! I am also not feeling every cell phone in the room as I used to.

I do believe some of us are more sensitive to others due to some toxicology in the body or sensitivity to energies. However, I also feel the presence of microwave radiation and radio frequencies from cell towers, cell phones, wifi etc is proliferating to a point of concern. Germany and France have requested their citizens to not use wifi and cordless phones in the home. My hope is that soon, America will also wake up to wiser ways of using these technologies before it’s too late. I appreciate websites like Wim’s for the awareness and support they provide to others. Wim has also been one of my angels. He knows what he’s talking about when it comes to treating the sensitivity.


In the meantime, I continue to believe and affirm that solutions are coming my way and that the power of the soul is greater than any power on earth. I also hope we can continue to support each other and create a wealth of solutions, alternative living options and greater awareness of the potential hazards of over use of these frequencies. Happy trails and may your journey bring you closer to health, power and Spirit.