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On Happiness, Humor, Beauty, Positivity and Peace:

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(Random) Acts of Goodness

is an initiative designed to exponentially increase expressions of benevolence in the world.
It is a movement based on the spiritual truth that goodness is innate,
and that by cultivating a spiritual awareness of the self,
we can tap into this inherent goodness in a way that makes us capable of generating unlimited acts of goodness.
Our goal is to embark on a journey together to re-discover this truth and create a global culture of care and compassion.

A Checklist for your thoughts and fears.   (Hint… read it, start manifesting what you want instead of what your fear)

Notes from the Universe. Free, fun and always positive

Ken Wilber

There’s benefit in everything (UK / Soul Journey and Personal Development)
The Secret of Life

Heather Fraser   In her own words:

“I feel deep in my heart that there is so much value to offer others by expressing what I have learned through my own experiences of hardship and adversity. I believe that we all have lives that are meaningful and that our challenges, when shared, can bring about profound transformation and deep healing to one another, even if it’s only a confirmation or validation that we are not alone in our struggles.

But even more than that, when our life challenges are used as a catalyst for deep and permanent change, (transcendence)then sharing our solutions to these hardships based on first hand experience, transforms us into messengers of peace and joy, where we add our love to the mix of the cosmos…forever…by giving to others. This is grace.

People often ask me why my e-books are not longer.

My answer is, “how many pages does it take to write the truth?” Most of what is significant in value for advancing us on our path to freedom is simplistic, succinct, and short. The mind likes everything to be complicated, involved, and intellectual.

The heart…well…the heart knows only one thing…and that is love.

Four letters. One word. It is my deepest desire to bring comfort and empowerment to others by sharing and
expressing the achingly beautiful grace of the human heart.”

Eco villages World Wide

A portal for ECO housing in the Netherlands (Dutch)

Another portal for ECO housing Worldwide (Dutch)

Damanhur   Eco friendly sustainable and art based community in Italy.

Beyond comparison. Visit the site and be surprised…

Tamera (Eco village in Alentejo Portugal)

South America (Get inspired, so beautiful)


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happy people