A collection of printed books with relevant background information.

Technical aspects:

Silencing the Fields,  By Ed Leeper (This book is out of print)

Electromagnetic fields by B. Blake Levitt

Tracing EMFs in Buiding Wiring and Grounding by Karl Riley

Dirty electricity by Samual Milham

The Powerwatch Handbook by Alisdair & Philips

Cross Currents by Robert O. Becker

Stress durch Strom und Strahlung by Wolfgang Maes (Deutsch / German)

Gesundheitsrisiko Elektrosmog by Raum & Zeit special 6 (Deutsch / German)

Electrostress & Gezondheid by Michiel Haas (Nederlands / Dutch)

Health Forensics by Steven Magee (If you think you have read all the books on EHS, try this one…surprising ideas)


Waking the tiger, healing trauma by Peter A. Levine

healing trauma by Peter A. Levine

Trauma and recovery by Judith Herman

Trauma Energetics by William M. Redpath

Health and Supplements:

Inspiring Homeopathy by Tinus Smits

Rediscovering Real Medicine by Jean Elmiger

Emotional Healing with Homeopathy by Peter Chappell

The source in Homeopathy by Irene Schlingensiepen – Brysch

Detoxing / Home Improvement :

The Tao of Detox by Daniel Reid

Diatomaceous Earth

The Healthy Living Space by Richard Leviton

Sacred Space by Denise Linn

Space Clearing A – Z by Denise Linn

Feng Shui for the soul by Denise Linn

Grounding / earthing

Earthing by Ober, Sinatra and Zucker

Free PDF on Earthing here


Food & Soul by Brahma Kumaris

Raw Food Life Force energy by Natalia Rose

The Mystic Cookbook by Denise Linn & Meadow Linn

Spirituality and Philosophy

Ken Wilber:

A Theory of Everything

Integral Life Practice


Do you feel something is missing? Have a book that you really enjoy?

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