What is an electron spin inversion? It is a disturbance caused by an external magnetic field, either by electromagnets or terrestrial magnetism. All the atoms in our body are made up of a nucleus with electrons spinning around it. In turn, these electrons also spin on their own axes. You can compare the atom to our solar system — the electrons are the planets which orbit the sun as well as their own axes, as the earth does. Under the influence of an external magnetic field with sufficient power, the electrons can be brought to a standstill and induced to spin in the opposite direction. And that is termed electron spin inversion.

When a person suffers from spin inversion the body does not function properly. It no longer absorbs nutrients and the sufferer can feel incredibly tired. This tiredness is the first symptom, then all manner of different symptoms or illnesses can arise.

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An extremely powerful lightning bolt in 1985 shut down the electric power provision and TV for half of the city Apeldoorn in the Netherlands. Teacher Linda was driving her car on her way home from school as one fork of that bolt struck into the road next to or straight into her car. ‘A huge pillar of fire,’ Linda said afterwards. Her car came to an abrupt stop blocking the entire road and Linda felt like paralyzed, a strange sensation that would last for about half a year. The Faraday cage of her car had protected her from being killed instantly, but nevertheless from then on began a period of increasing chronic fatigue against which no regular medication or alternative therapy could do a thing. Linda always referred to the lightning strike as the cause of her complaints.

Eventually she got cervical cancer in 1999, from which she died in 2001.

Marianne, a therapist in Biophoton Therapy[1], started treating Linda shortly before her transition. She was the ultimate person who shed light on this matter. Her therapy-device was a special kind of electron-acupuncture and the first thing she measured on Linda was that she suffered from a so-called electron spin inversion.

In science this physical phenomenon can be caused to occur in certain metals under laboratory conditions making use of extremely powerful magnets. Biophoton therapists however use this same term, namely when all a patient’s meridian points, without a single exception, are out of balance.

This can happen, so they say, when a patient has been exposed to a strong Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF), at least strong enough to overpower his or her own energy field. Weaker people are more vulnerable to this than strong and healthy people, because their resistance, their energy field is weaker too.

If something likes this happens then all, or a major part of the electrons in the body, start rotating in a different spin-direction, enforced by the electro-magnetic field’s direction of spin. It’s kind of the same situation with molten rock from volcanoes that hardens and during this process it fixates the present magnetic field direction of the Earth at that location. So even billions of years later scientists can tell the direction of the field at that time. A spin-inversion does the same thing: it causes the body in a fixed state of spin-direction.

As this information is quite specific, let us give this some more attention here…

Electron Spin Inversion


All matter, including living tissue, is composed of atoms. Electrons circle the nucleus of atoms with incredibly high speeds. Not everyone realizes however that electrons also have their own axis-rotation.

Compare this to our solar system. The Sun (‘nucleus’) is surrounded by orbiting planets (‘electrons’). Most of the planets also rotate around their own axis. Earth does too, and so we have day and night. The Sun rises in the East and sets in the West.

An electron-spin-inversion is like an axis-toppling-over of the Earth. Would something like this happen to our planet, then after this the Sun would rise in the West and set in the East. In fact the Earth hasn’t stopped rotating and then restarted rotating in the other direction. That would need a tremendous amount of energy, destroying all live on Earth. The ‘only’ thing needed here is changing the position of Earth rotational axis during the normal rotation. Relatively spoken this needs a small amount of energy.

By the way, several documents refer to the fact that this indeed has happened to our planet before in history. The cause of this could be the Sun’s solar storms, which also can be a cause electron spin inversion in humans, as solar storms are, for one thing, huge electromagnetic discharges. Interesting to know is that currently the Sun is ‘heating up’, with a growing number of Sun spots, causing more frequent solar storms. This happens about every 11 years and its next peak is expected in December 2012. See www.spaceweather.com for updates. Aurora’s are the visible result of solar storms, usually one or two days later. When they are very severe it’s not unlikely that long range high-voltage power-lines are overcharged, destroying power-couplings and causing regional, sometimes nation-wide problems in power supply.

For the human body the consequences of a spin-inversion is an energy collapse. The spin inversion creates disharmony in the energy field (aura) because part of the electrons are in a different state of spin than the surrounding electrons. And so the total energy field (aura) looses strength. Its ability to filter keep its owner safe from surrounding energies is seriously undermined. Think of surrounding energies as: colors, sounds, smells, surrounding energy fields, sensations, other human beings, even thoughts.

That’s one of the functions of our aura: filtering all that comes its way. If it can’t do this, then its owner feels like he or she under attack by too many impressions at the same time. He or she simply can’t handle this anymore.

As a result this can cause symptoms like chronic fatigue and oversensitivity. People experiencing this for a longer period of time often can tell you precisely that somewhere in the room is a DECT telephone even if it’s invisible, or that in the room next door is a laser printer at work, or that somewhere nearby there must be high-voltage power-lines, or like in Linda’s case… she was able to tell the sound the GSM-antennaes were making at 125 meters distance. She could hear them! People with a serious spin inversion are always very, very sensitive, because their filtering energy field, their aura is way too ‘thin’.

Something else that can be seen in these patients is that they often react out of the ordinary to medications, or even showing adverse reactions. So when a pain-killer should ease pain, they might experience an increase of the pain-levels at first. And if you, as a therapist, are wondering why your patient isn’t making any progress anymore, having tried everything, then start thinking about this: electron spin inversion. Because therapy-resistance is an often heard problem when people can’t get rid of the spin-inversion, or when they keep getting it back every time.

The problem is that his phenomenon tends to perpetuate itself. Because once the energy field is weakened by the spin inversion, it is much more vulnerable to new electromagnetic attacks.

To cause an electron-spin-inversion in a human body you need 2 factors: A strong-enough EMF combined with a weak enough human energy field. So a healthy and strong person can withstand strong EMF, where a weaker person can’t withstand much weaker EMF. In Linda’s case she was very healthy and strong at that time, so it need nothing less than a lightning strike to collapse her energy field.

To get rid of a spin inversion one needs a long period of relaxation in EMF-free conditions, taking care that your health is stimulated to strengthen, so that you can build up your energy field again.

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