Methods to diminish exposure and increase vital energy.


There’s really a lot we can do ourselves to handle EHS / EMF at no cost or low costs.

Some ways will cost time and readily available materials, some will take a bit more money and very specific materials, but most will require a change of mind.

In general there are two aspects: a physical one and a spiritual one.

Physical resources / methods to diminish EHS:

The place where we rest at night (normally the bedroom) has the biggest impact on our regenerative capacity. At night we are more magnetic, absorbing, introvert and influenced by the moon and darkness. During the day we are more electric, more outgoing, extrovert and influenced by the sun and light. Changes in the bedroom will have a bigger impact (some 70%) than changes in your work environment (30%)

It turns out that people in general have a hard time changing a lot of things in a short time. You can make a plan to change 1 or 2 things per week and note the difference it makes. My best guess would be to change it all for a one or two days, check the effect and then go back to the old way one by one to see the difference. It’s a matter of personal preference, the Top-Down or Bottom-Up approach both work fine.

So lets see if there is a sequence to follow, from most likely cause to least likely:

– DECT telephones

– Wireless Routers

– General electrical wiring condition of the bedroom

– Mobile phone use over 15 to 30 minutes a day.

– Mobile or WIFI internet on a laptop, tablet or Ipad, Ipod, blueberry etc..

– Night lamps and alarm clocks without earth wire.

– Extension cords on an outlet without earth (Still quite common)

What can be done at no costs? (During the night / time for rest)

– Switch off as many devices as possible in the whole house

  • Wireless router(s)
  • Dect Telephones
  • Mobile phones
  • TV’s, DVD players, Stereo-sets and the likes.
  • Desktop and Laptop computers.
  • Waterbeds

– Unplug any device in your bedroom

  • Electrical bed
  • Electrical blankets
  • Water bed
  • Clock radio, TV, DVD player.
  • Bed-lights.
  • Battery chargers
  • Electrical heaters
  • Fans (If you can handle the heat)

– Trip the breakers that supply power to the bedroom and any room it shares a wall, floor or ceiling with

  • Both outlet and lights can be tripped.

 What can be done at little costs?

– Change cordless phones (DECT) for wired phones. At least change the ones in or near the bedroom

– Hard wire your laptops / desktops and other devices.

  • rj45 twisted and shielded extension cords can be bought online or in electronics shops. Minimum quality is Cat6.
  • change the settings of the wireless router (normally “radio off”)
  • Change the setting of the Laptop. (Nowadays a small led at F10 or F12, previously a hardware switch)
  • If needed buy some (second hand?) RJ45 switches to allow multiple connections

– Ground / Earth all devices, lamps etc.

  • Ask an electrician to exchange all plugs, wires and extensions without earth to earthed ones.
  • (The book of Karl Riley is a must read before starting these things.)
  • Pay special attention tho those cheap desk lamps or night lamps.
  • Change all old style 2 pin outlets (no earth) to 3 pin (with earth).
  • Ask the electrician to check your house’s and building’s Earth wire and put an extra ground rod if applicable.
  • Put an earthed mat under your desk
  • Buy an earthed mouse pad.
  • Check the power supplies of anything on or near your desk for earth.
  • If needed exchange an UN-earthed PC Power Supply with an earthed one.

 What can be done at fair costs?

  • – Ask a building biologist to run a checkup of your house / office.
  • – Change the electrical wiring system in your house / apt. Exchange regular wires for twisted and shielded ones.
  • – Change all the power cables of computers and devices for shielded and twisted ones.
  • – Install net filters to clean out Dirty Electricity
  • – Install 12V Dc or 24 V Dc light systems with LED or old style Car / Boat bulbs.
  • – Remove all dimmers.
  • – Remove all fluorescent or “energy saving lamps”. They save electrical energy but cost human energy.
  • – If HF radiation comes from outside the house / apt, put protective paint / sheets / curtains






Spiritual resources:

People who encounter less vitality or bad health are naturally drawn to a doctor or health practitioner. Most homeopaths or in general alternative practitioners nowadays would agree that there is a spiritual component to all situations, whether adverse or beneficial.

How can we tap into that spiritual resource to handle EHS?

– Practicing the “Detached Observer” means looking at yourself from the outside. Who is that “I” that suffers from EHS? Is it really me? Or is there a “me” beyond the physical component, beyond the emotions and headaches? If I am not the body then maybe “I” am not sick or affected. If the body is affected but I am OK, then what can I do to prevent the body from being influenced?

– Meditation is a way to become more aware of our true self, to diminish negative thought patterns and start rebuilding inner strength, nurturing the soul so to speak. A soul that is fully charged will naturally start giving to the environment or others and be less influenced by the same environment or the thoughts and emotions of others.

– The original qualities of the soul are peace, love, happiness, strength or power and innocence or purity. If this is true, then I am powerful, peaceful and automatically resourceful and thus more than capable of handling any adverse situation with grace and resolve. For a start it helps to just assume you are able to handle the impact of EMF’s and step away from any victim consciousness or feelings of powerlessness that are still lurking in the dark. A “yes, I can” attitude or a course in Self-esteem is a great step towards overcoming EHS.