Pricing for Checkups

Price for a Checkup on location is as follows: (Prices without VAT or IVA, valid until 1 Feb 2017)

  • € 120,- for a 2 to 3 hours consultation of an apartment (T0 to T4) or house (V0 to V4) and emailed report of the findings excluding price for transportation. Price for larger places or separate houses on the same location at request.
  • Discount when no report is needed € 15,-
  • Transportation costs:
    • € 10,- Amora, Seixal, Corroios
    • € 20,- Lisbon, Almada
    • € 25,- Sintra and Linha de Sintra
    • € 35,- Oeiras, Cascais, Estoril (linha de Cascais)

Transportation costs will be shared in case of two checkups in the same city on the same day.

Get us another client on the same day and city and you don’t pay the transport costs.

This price excludes interventions in the electrical system or Internet wiring for which a qualified electrician is advised. It includes a written advise for the electrician.

Interventions (electrical system, Internet wiring) will be charged at € 25,- an hour, which includes measurement / checks after the work is completed.