Pricing for Checkups


Price for an EMF consultation on location in Portugal is as follows:

(Prices without VAT or IVA, valid until 1 Dec 2017)

  • € 120,- for a 2 to 3 hours consultation of an apartment (T0 to T4) or house (V0 to V4) and emailed report of the findings excluding price for transportation. Price for larger places or separate houses on the same location at request.
  • Discount when no report is needed € 15,-
  • Transportation costs:
    • € 10,- Amora, Seixal, Corroios
    • € 20,- Lisbon, Almada
    • € 25,- Sintra and Linha de Sintra
    • € 35,- Oeiras, Cascais, Estoril (linha de Cascais)

Transportation costs will be shared in case of two check-ups in the same city on the same day.

Get us another client on the same day and city and you don’t pay the transport costs.

This price excludes interventions in the electrical system or Internet wiring for which a qualified electrician is advised. It includes a written advise for the electrician.

Interventions (electrical system, Internet wiring) will be charged at € 25,- an hour, which includes measurement / checks after the work is completed.

EMF Consultation is also on offer On-Line.


We offer worldwide online check-up and consultation of 60 minutes give or take 10 minutes through Skype for 79 USD / Euro / GBP.

In an online check-up we will walk you through the main culprits of EMF / EHS in your case/ house and give specific advice on how to lower your sensitivity to EMF’s.

Most of the times a source of EMF pollution is in the things we buy and use in the house or bedroom without second thoughts. A simple check by an external “eye” can give you the objectivity to make the changes that improve your quality of sleep without massive interventions.

You can buy an online consultation here:

After the payment is done, please send us a message with your preferred date, time, your time-zone and skype-name so that we can arrange for the consultation.

Our business hours are 9am to 8 pm GMT (London time).