EHS Free is about ways to handle Electro Hyper Sensitivity, a not yet widely known disease which affects more and more people worldwide due to growing usage of Wireless devices and Computers and Gadgets in general.

EHS free focuses on solutions and positive action, both mainstream and more alternative.

For more info on the health hazards and theories behind the symptoms please Google “EHS” or “EMF” or check the Resources and Backgrounds section.

This site provides a list of symptoms to recognize if someone is affected by it.

About Us:

A vast experience has been built up, looking for solutions and explanations to health issues of which most doctors said “you are perfectly healthy according to the tests”.

Started in 1976 in the Netherlands as a computer programmer and stopped in 1988 due to EHS. Ever since searching for answers. Turned Vegetarian in 1991. Moved to Portugal in 2004.

Discovered many common sense both Eastern and Western ideas that had been lost due to the functioning of modern day society.

This website is a way to share that experience and help others to get to results more quickly.

For any questions or remarks, please send a message.

Nothing beats a personal talk though. Ready for an in-depth analysis of your living environment? Go for a Check-up.

Wanna talk first: Whenever in the Lisbon (Portugal) area, drop us a note and we can meet for a walk on the beach and sharing of insights. SMS (00351) 961116223


What people said after a meeting:


14-11-2016, Monica Gheorghiu, Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania

Wim is a memorable person. I think i would consider myself lucky unless i knew how the law of attraction works. Wim helped me see the beauty of the city, offered me elaborate information and his personal views on life and matter. I felt so cosy, so warm and so at home in Lisbon, because it felt home having knowing someone like Wim. I think highly of his spirit and the word inspired is little when I would like to express how it feels about him. He made me go with ease into the inner world and then work my soul around for I serious matter i did not have the courage to confront myself with.
I feel a deep reverence when I meet people so humble, worked out people who are on their way to serve. Wim, above all high personal qualities is very creative and has the talents of a soul healer (therapist) with clear cut, honest and altruistic view of the world. I say I big thank you, you touched my heart and hope to see you again! I would love to stay close so that your presence is touching and warming my life. Obrigada, Namaste, old spirit

06-2016, Luke Donnelly, Manchester, England, United Kingdom

What an extraordinary guy. Here is a man who has spent most of his adulthood looking into religions, spirituality and the purpose of everything. And it shows. Whatever question I asked, no matter how big, complex or diverse, Wim was always able to answer back calmly, succinctly and confidently. He taught me a lot that will help guide me personally but he also managed to answer some of the main questions I find my guests ask regarding the malevolent forces in the world. I thought I had just about asked every question I had before I left but of course as soon as I did I had more. Wim has a wealth of knowledge, the only question is, what will you ask? Thank you for the education Wim, and for taking me to that wonderful improvised dance session on the first night. You’ve left me more enriched and better able to share with others. It’s just the experience I was looking for. Obrigado.

 06-2016, Erik, Prague, Hlavní město Praha, Czech Republic

Wim saw my posting on the Lisboa Veggie group and thoughtfully offered me a stay in his charming home in Amora! It was a brief visit but I very much enjoyed my time with him and he has some very interesting and progressive views on life and living right. He’s also a talented furniture builder, turning neglected scraps of wood into functional home accessories 🙂


01-2012, Francisco Sánchez, Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid, Spain

Muita boa pessoa, es uma pessoa aberta e que ajudou me muito no meu caminho! Sorte e força! oBrigado


05-2011, Estela Lourenco, Lisboa, Lisboa, Portugal

I really enjoyed being able to know Wim. It is a person who speaks to us through the heart. Wim took us to meet some of the magic places of Fatima, and allowed me to grow. I loved the conversations and what I learned from Wim. was a very rich experience. Thanks Wim.


11-2010, Carla and Massimo, Milano, Lombardia, Italy

Reading his profile we had the sensation we were going to meet someone special and this sensation became reality after a few minutes with him! We are never jealous of people owing material stuff, but we are a little bit of people having his balance, which make you understand the way to feel good. We really wish to meet him again to be able of talking more about subject important for both side.


06-2010, Fabio Somenci, Bauru, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Win is a person inspired, educated and wise. Seeking self-knowledge through a healthy and clean. I knew silent and magical places of Fatima. He has the mind awakens to other realities beyond the material. Knows how to make a tasty vegetarian food nutriivo. Respect life and people with finesse and attention. Just was a little sad, because I arrived just the day Holland lost to Spain in the World 2010. lol. But the other day had forgotten everything. Is someone reliable and recommended.